RIBA Statement On The Government’s Housing Bill

RIBA Statement On The Government’s Housing Bill : A RIBA spokesperson said:

“The RIBA welcomes the Government’s recognition that the shortage of housing has reached a crisis point. However, it is becoming clear that the solution to the housing crisis is not going to be found in tinkering around the edges of the planning system. As the Housing Bill passes through Parliament we hope the Government will set out more detail on how they intend to ensure that the quality of new homes is given the same priority as the numbers.”

On the proposed changes to housing and planning regulations

“We are concerned that the pressure to raise output and speed up the planning system through initiatives like starter homes and zonal planning will do little to change the public debate and challenge knee-jerk opposition to new developments even in areas with acute housing shortages.

“The shortage of resources in the planning system and the long delays that this is causing is of major concern to the RIBA. The requirement to have an adopted local plan by 2017 is welcome, however this needs to be done in a way that secures local support and leads to plans that acknowledge the scale of the challenge.”

On the extension of right to buy:

“The shortage of affordable homes across the country is of particular concern to the RIBA. Housing Associations have played a leading role in helping deliver high-quality new homes and strong communities – including the 2015 Stirling Prize shortlisted Darbishire Place. If the extension of the right to buy leads to fewer new homes being built, it is vital that the Government sets out its plans to replace this output.”

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