PUREH2O LTD announces KIWA Regulation 4 (KUKREG4) Certification

PUREH2O KUKREG4 Certification

PureH2O Ltd is delighted to announce Regulation 4 (KUKreg4) Certification for its range of boiling tap systems; Quatreau TouchT the world’s first all-in-one tap, and Quatreau SmartTapT, the stand-alone drinks station.

M.D. of Woking based PureH2O Ltd Roger Wiltshire, explains: “KUKreg4 certification demonstrates that our products have undergone robust independent evaluation by a globally respected testing, inspection and compliance (TIC) company for full compliance with the UK Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.”

The KUKreg4 certification is recognised throughout the industry and is the equal to WRAS. As a British manufacturer the vast majority of PureH2O Ltd’s products are pharmaceutical grade, so wherever they use components of a polymer base they choose those with KUKreg4 or WRAS certification. Both satisfy requirements for the design, materials of construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of products connected to the mains water supply.

These regulations are key to safeguarding public health, water supplies, and for promoting the efficient use of water. They require that water fittings must be of an appropriate quality and standard and not cause ‘waste, misuse,
undue consumption, erroneous measurement’ (Reg 3.2) or contamination of the water supply.

The addition of KUKreg4 qualifies the QuatreauR boiling tap range for inclusion in projects where third party compliance is mandatory. Architectural, M&E and other fit-out disciplines can now confidently specify QuatreauR, the only British manufactured boiling tap range, in the knowledge that QuatreauR has the lowest carbon footprint of any tap range, whilst delivering the highest output and reliability. 

Roger continues: “People often assume that British built appliances are more expensive than Chinese sourced products. But like for like, QuatreauR has always been the most competitively priced option on the market. Because we make products to last, with reliable operation, we are confident to offer 10 year warranties as part of a fixed price service plan”.

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