Pronteau ProTrad hot tap Pronteau ProTrad hot tap

Abode launch truly traditional Pronteau ProTrad hot water tap

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen taps, sinks, bathroom taps & showering solutions is proud to launch Pronteau ProTrad: a truly traditional hot tap design, available in 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 models.

Offering modern functionality traditionally styled, the brand new Pronteau ProTrad designed and developed by the prestigious in-house design team at Abode, is inspired by the bestselling Astbury and Ludlow collections also by Abode.

The Pronteau ProTrad 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 steaming hot water taps take classic kitchen design to an iconic, architecturally sensitive level like never before and Paul Illingworth, Design Director at Abode says “We are thrilled to expand our market-leading Pronteau Collection to now include a truly traditional offering. Exclusively designed to convene modern lifestyles yet maintain its design integrity in a classic kitchen, ProTrad does not compromise on style or user safety to create a high performance wash zone that is well-considered, functional and on theme.”

The innovative Pronteau ProTrad steaming hot water tap is available in both 3 IN 1 and 4 IN 1 variants offering 75 – 98° instant filtered steaming hot water, as well as your regular hot and cold functions. The  ProTrad 4 IN 1 also provides fresh filtered cold water, ideal for optimising wellness and it’s also kinder to the planet.

The hot water temperature is set via the PROBOIL.2X under sink boiler: intelligent hot water boiler, offering fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at the touch of a handle. The next generation in intelligent hot water boilers and rigorously field-tested, the PB2X Boiler offers a 2-litre stainless steel tank, toolless installation and is an insulated model with low running costs, quick re-boil times and simple intuitive digital controls.

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In fact, ProTrad 4 IN 1 offers a more sustainable way of living by supplying households with fresh filtered water so that instead of buying bottled water, end users can reduce the amount of single use plastic in the home, and play a significant role in protecting the environment. Also answering demand for environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices and product solutions that are more economical and make for a greener future, UK customers can now take advantage of the Abode Filter Recycle Scheme, which is 100% unique to Abode in the industry

Giving its customers extra peace of mind by ensuring redundant filters are recycled at the point of the product’s end of life, all you need to do is return your used filter and they’ll take care of the rest! Once it has collected a sizable batch, the company will send the filters to its approved recycle partner who responsibly oversees the separation of each component part. At this point the plastic is ground down, ready to be reused and the internal resin is also brought back to life for reuse! Currently, Abode Filter Recycle Scheme includes both the [1] Pronteau PROBOIL2 / PROBOIL.2X Filter Cartridge PT1206 and [2] Pronteau PROBOIL3 Filter Cartridge PT1024. 

Ideal for homeowners who want classic style with contemporary convenience, ProTrad is available in three high fashion finishes: Antique Brass, Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Leanne Adamson, Marketing Manager at Abode adds “Quintessentially classic by design, ProTrad will sit perfectly in a kitchen scheme that is traditional in style. Eclectic, farmhouse and country-style kitchens never go out of fashion and we feel that the ProTrad is serving real needs in the design community so that interior designers and homeowners alike can create personalised, beautiful spcaes. We look forward to sharing even more of our ideas with you in 2022.”

QUALITY: Abode taps undergo extensive quality testing and the new ProTrad is no different. Ceramic disc valves are tested for 200,000 cycles, as well as robotic production of parts for complete precision and 100% end of line testing. The company’s hand polishing, plating, powder coating and lacquering techniques are also thoroughly tested such as salt spray testing for 100 – 200 hours, surface resistance tests for 200 cycles using varying corrosives and time in the Humidostatic chamber at 38 degrees Celsius for 200 hours for added peace of mind.

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