Notts Householders Could Save £300 a Year On Their Bills Notts Householders Could Save £300 a Year On Their Bills

Notts Householders Could Save £300 a Year On Their Bills

Householders in Nottinghamshire missed out on £54million of savings last year by not switching energy suppliers.

Figures released by OFGEM show that savings of around £300 this year are achievable just by switching providers, however a new Ipsos MORI survey from the Energy Saving Trust has found 179,681 homes across Nottinghamshire are failing to look into cheaper deals, with nearly 60 per cent of them believing they’re already on cheapest energy tariff available.

This is despite only 30 per cent of all bill payers believing energy suppliers actively encourage customer loyalty.

By contrast, people are more than twice-as-likely to change home insurer than they are energy provider – with 24 per cent of households having switched at least four times in the last ten years.
The figures have been revealed as part of Big Energy Saving Week, a UK-wide campaign between the Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Running until November 6, events will be held throughout the UK to offer advice on reducing energy costs and help people keep their homes warm ahead of winter.

An online price comparison tool from Citizens Advice can help bill payers find a cheaper supplier. Completely impartial and including quotes from all energy suppliers, it offers a quick and easy way to see if you can unlock a better deal.

Philip Sellwood, CEO of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “Many bill payers in Nottinghamshire are missing out on substantial annual savings because they assume they are on the best tariff without actually checking. Prices fluctuate every year, so by not switching and being on ‘Energy Autopilot’, consumers may be sleepwalking towards having less money.”

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Minister for Consumers Margot James said: “Millions of people have already switched and saved this year, but we know that some people can find it difficult to find the best deal. Big Energy Saving Week will help people up and down the country find out how they could save on their energy bills, many could save around £300, as we create a country that works for everyone.”

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