Daval custom home bar Daval custom home bar

‘Raise a glass to home entertaining’ with a custom bar by Daval

Daval custom home bar. Leading British designer and manufacturer of made-to-order fitted furniture, Daval, completely transform this modern Yorkshire farmhouse with a Daval custom home bar, which fully optimises the ground floor and space under the stairwell.

Located just off the kitchen, this dormant space became a spatial opportunity for the homeowners to create a sophisticated home bar specifically designed to welcome and entertain family and friends in style. James Bodsworth, Design Director at Daval Furniture and head designer on this project explains;

“Our brief was to create a welcoming home bar and entertaining space in a modern farmhouse on the edge of the Pennines. In order to do this we needed to transform a large open-plan dining area, part of the main entrance hall, in to a transitional space to take visitors from the hallway to the kitchen.

Creating a unique standout feature for the property, the owners, Rich and Dan, wanted a dedicated space to host their friends and sip champagne that’s in keeping with the architectural proportions, open plan feel and existing natural materials. With this in mind, it was clear to me that using the space under the stairwell would help create the right cosy ambience, as well as make good use of the natural light – essential in today’s home bar.

We created a design which complements the rich blend of traditional Yorkshire stone, oak timber framing and floor to ceiling glazing throughout to achieve an open-plan yet intimate feel. We also needed to ensure the design would be pet-friendly as the couple own a Lynx Bengal cat and two Dobermans.

Following my site visit, the clients agreed that nestling a home bar under the stairs would be a great way of utilising the available space and create a natural flow from the entrance to the kitchen and formal dining area. The cabinetry specified was bespoke and made-to-order in Daval’s new Farnley range with a Charcoal matt painted finish. The Farnley range is made from sustainably sourced solid oak and is designed with a Shaker profile and V-Groove door joints to provide extra definition and fabrication detail, ticking the client’s boxes for natural materials as well as, instantly adding character and style. The rich, dark finish created a sophisticated, subtle yet masculine aesthetic, inspired by exclusive gentlemen’s clubs and classic bar styling. 

The use of antique mirrors and illuminated shelving in Grey Oak added visual depth, drawing the eye and enhancing the feel of being in a VIP-only space. Choosing handles which would add the right amount of weight to punctuate and anchor the scheme was easy with Armac Martin Sparkbrook handles in Satin Antique Brass, the perfect match for the custom brass mesh on the display units. This attention to detail elevated the project, providing a deluxe alternative to the standard glass display unit and layering its appeal to the senses.

As an extra flourish, the Armac Martin custom framed details ensured the end panels were a highly decorative feature in their own right. Storage is everything in an open-plan space so I specified custom accessories and interior solutions for the furniture and the clients were delighted with a Kaelo UK cooler integrated in the worktop to make sure the next bottle is always chilled and ready to pop.

Using the space under the stairwell ensured the bar had a cosy ambience, as well as making good use of the natural light from the full-height windows – essential in today’s blended spaces. The design complements the rich blend of traditional Yorkshire stone, oak timber framing and floor to ceiling glazing throughout the ground floor to achieve an open-plan yet intimate feel.”

Built from sustainably sourced materials and precision engineered in Britain, the Farnley Furniture Collection by Daval is made-to-order and made-to-measure. Prices start from £10,000+vat with this custom bar project costing £16,000 +vat including fitting.

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