Coapt Is a Rebranded Letting Agency in Brighton Coapt Is a Rebranded Letting Agency in Brighton

Coapt Is a Rebranded Letting Agency in Brighton

Pixeldot, the strategic brand agency, has conducted a transformative rebrand and renaming for Brighton’s largest lettings agency MTM Property. After a year of research, client and tenant interviews, and internal workshops, MTM Property has become Coapt.

“We had received a lot of feedback from the student community about the level of care and attention the agency was seen to be providing. In all honesty, I think we had lost focus. We have such great relationships with our landlords and have always received glowing reports from them that we’d neglected a community of students – many of whom their engagement with us is their first impression of this city. When we took a step back and recognised that, and the scale of the impact that could have, we knew that we had to change,” said Leon Mepham, Managing Director at Coapt.

Now the company has finally embedded a core purpose: to facilitate belonging within Brighton. Coapt’s focus is on creating stronger bonds with their student customers, while solidifying their strong position in the landlord market through a dual-brand.

“Whilst the landlords were satisfied with the service received and their relationships with staff at MTM, the old brand had a poor reputation amongst Brighton’s students – which was a real issue – particularly as they are the largest student property agency in the city,” explained Luke Taylor, Creative Director and Co-founder of Pixeldot.

“We wanted to create a new identity which spoke to MTM’s full customer base. The new name, Coapt, literally means ‘to bring together’; echoing the positive commitment the company is making to students and landlords alike,” he added.

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The brand carries two identities now, one assigned for landlords and one for students. Coapt is already winning over the student population with their student liaison team, new website, internal brand ambassadors, and new marketing collateral. The students that choose to start their journey with Coapt will be handed a starter pack that includes branded notebooks with guidance, details, and brunch spots in Brighton, together with other relevant information that will make them feel like they belong in the city.

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