Announced That An Innovative New Housing Solution for the Homeless Will Open Today

Announced That An Innovative New Housing Solution for the Homeless Will Open Today

It has been announced that an innovative new housing solution for the homeless will open today. This project is the first of its kind and will be located at Marston Court. The development has been created in a reaction to the dire housing situation for the homeless in Ealing. The scheme is set to provide re-purposed shipping containers in order to deliver sustainable and robust as well as affordable and flexible solutions for short term accommodation.

It is thought that there is over 2,000 homeless people just in Ealing. In order to deal with this massive challenge a solution was needed by Ealing Council. Therefore, the council have worked with QED Sustainable Urban Developments in order to create accommodation for 72 individuals. This accommodation consists of fully furnished apartments that have been created over the last six months.

The partnership between Ealing Council and QED is the first of its kind and it is hoped that the project at Marston Court will make a difference for the homeless population in the Ealing borough. This new and creative response to the homeless crisis in the UK is a 34-apartment development which uses moveable and re-usable parts in order to offer a sustainable, robust, affordable and flexible type of short-term accommodation. Hopefully these types of projects will decrease in rarity and help support the rise in the homeless population.

In Ealing, the emergency accommodation has fallen to critical levels due to the steady decline in suitable options being available for those in need. The council has found it more and more difficult to provide temporary accommodation in their borough so this new development is a major leap forward to improve this situation.

QED Sustainable Urban Development was a part of the development of this project. Mears, the social housing repairs and maintenance company are also included in the project and CargoTek, the specialist supplier of both sustainable and flexible spaces were used for the project in order to provide modular accommodation.


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