Quintain Living’s Beton homes showcase daring design

Beton homes showcase daring design : Bold, contemporary and sophisticated

  • Beton’s pop art-inspired apartments juxtapose a sleek, raw material palette
  • Geometric patterns & bright pops of colour complement the monochromatic base palette

Vibrant, happy homes designed with stylish contemporary renters in mind

Quintain Living – the award-winning management company overseeing rental of more than 3,255 apartments (as of April 2021) in Wembley Park – has revealed insights into the interior design and furnishing of its latest building, Beton. The company already has a reputation for its innovative approach to the design of its stylish, contemporary rental apartments – a far cry from the usual bland design one might expect from rental homes in the capital. Now, Beton is taking things to the next level helped by conceptual interior designers, Fossey Arora.

“We knew from the outset that Beton was all about impact – about creating something bold and bright, something to combat the drab greyness that we all associate with 2020. Beton’s design was all about hope. Hope – and lemons.”

Fossey Arora

‘Beton’ is French for concrete and the building was named this due to its clean lines, exposed concrete and monochromatic base palette. The teams at boutique design agency Fossey Arora and furniture specialists Clippings worked together to build on the base of blacks and greys to create an incredibly strong visual identity for Beton.

Inspired by pop art, with its modern, bright, contrasting spirit, Fossey Arora focused on bold pops of eye-catching colour, with lemon and lime playing a central role. The resulting apartments are simple and precise, with a sophistication all of their own.

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“We worked with the beautiful grey of the concrete and the sleek black kitchens to layer colour that creates a sense of excitement and hope. The colours really jump out at you – we took them right to the edge in terms of visual contrast. The result is simply but hugely impactful – much like the pop art that inspired it. It’s very atmospheric.”Fossey Arora

The furnishings from Clippings were chosen with the utmost care in terms of both colour and style. The brief from Fossey Arora: “Hold onto your lemon and hold onto your lime. Everything else stems from there.”  

The approach has created bold, vibrant and happy homes which connect raw, natural materials such as wood and concrete with bright pops and splashes of colour. Examples include the grey sofas, sleek and low to the ground, with a single bright lemon-yellow cushion. Or the black and white, geometric bespoke window dressings that are brought to life by a single artfully placed lime-green chair.

“We were inspired by the pop art movement, so together with Fossey Arora and Quintain Living  we took Beton’s beautiful monochromatic base colour scheme and punctuated it with bold accent colours of red, green, yellow and blue. This juxtaposition of austere and playful creates a strong visual identity, which the whole team felt was very bold and powerful. The colour was introduced through some very striking pieces of furniture, from electric blue side tables and bright red and yellow bedside tables to an array of impactful stools and chairs.” Giorgia Ferlin, Sales Director, Clippings

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Deadgood’s ‘Working Girl’ lounge chairs and Menu’s ‘Afteroom’ counter stools were used to deliver striking pops of colour, while black and grey Haay sofas worked with the apartments’ monochromatic base palette. The colourful bedside tables from Matière Grise are particularly eye-catching, as are Petite Friture’s exciting blue, geometric side tables.

“We immediately connected with the teams at Quintain Living and Fossey Arora. Our approach and way of working are very closely aligned; we share the same passion, determination and hunger to make things happen. ‘Good isn’t good enough’ was the motto for this project.”Giorgia Ferlin, Sales Director, Clippings

The result is Quintain Living’s brightest and boldest building so far. The character-packed apartments are ready for residents to move in to, with utilities and free superfast Wi-Fi set up and ready to go. Beton features a work-from-home mezzanine, a cinema room, retro games station (Pacman, anyone?), a pool table, a bike workshop (or, as Quintain Living call it, a “Bike Worship” complete with a wash station, handy tools and spin bikes for those without their own two wheels) and a stunning roof terrace that overlooks the famous Wembley Stadium arch.

“Beton provides the ideal combination of uniquely stylish homes, superb amenities and proximity to all that Wembley Park has to offer. It’s perfect for residents looking for something a little different from their next home whilst staying in the heart of the action.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain LivingFor more information on Quintain Living or to book a viewing, visit www.quintainliving.com@quintainliving on Instagram or call 020 3151 1927.

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