5 Living Room Flooring Ideas

When it comes to choosing living room flooring, it can be quite hard to decide on styles and materials. And one thing to think about is how well you use that space. For some of us, it can be quite busy but for others, it’s a place to wind down. So, let’s take a look at the top flooring ideas for your living room.  

Embrace your original wood flooring 

If your wooden flooring is looking a bit tired, don’t replace it for something new, give it a new life! All you need to do is sand it down and put on a fresh oil or lacquer of your choice. It’s all down to personal preference and your interior style, so choose a finish that will complement your furniture and decor. Consider bamboo paneling and wooden coffee tables to give your space a breath of fresh air.  

Add a pop of colour with tiles 

If you love traditional European homes, then you’ll love terracotta tiles! Complement them with bright green plants, woven baskets and sculptural vases. It will make your home look like a Spanish Sahara you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re wanting to add a bit of pattern, then you will love tessera tiles. There are so many different patterns and colours to choose from too! 

Click-in luxury vinyl tiles 

If you’re looking to imitate the look of luxury materials without the hefty price tag, luxury vinyl tiles are here to save the day. You can choose from wood, stone and tile look-a-likes in a variety of different colours and textures. The majority of luxury vinyl tiles come with a click-fit joining method that are so easy to install yourself, so you won’t need to hire a professional fitter. 

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Soft carpet for a cosy home

If you love getting cosy in front of the fire, then you need a floor that’s soft and comfy. Carpet is one of the most popular floors in living rooms because of its soft touch and neutral colour. Over the past few years, homeowners have opted out for the usual beige carpet and instead, chosen something that’s a bit brighter and bolder. So, get ready to see more colourful carpets! 

Engineered wood for a warmer space 

If you want underfloor heating in your living room but you’re certain on having wood, engineered wood is the best option for you. You can’t have underfloor heating with solid wood because the material is too thick for the heat to travel through it. Just think, a crackling fire, a warm floor and lots of blankets, the perfect remedy for a cosy night in

We hope you loved these living room flooring ideas! 

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