Third Generation of Parklane Group Launches UOWN

Third Generation of Parklane Group Launches UOWN

Parklane Group, the property company located in Leeds has launched UOWN, which is a crowdfunding platform that provides investors with access to their previously off-market portfolio of investment properties.

Parklane Group was created 40 years ago and owns and operated more than 2,000 student and professional beds across the north of England. The company also provide aparthotel Roomzzz and the luxury student accommodation brand, Iconic.  The latest expansion by the company allows those that invest at least 6.4% returns from rental income alone as well as a share in any increases of a house’s value.

As part of their business plan, UOWN has coined the term proven performers in order to describe the off-market Parklane Group of rental properties that they offer up for investment. The properties have yielded strong returns for the company over the course of a minimum of ten years within the investment hotspot of Leeds.

Because of the backing that has been given by the Parklane Group, it is thought that UOWN will be the first crowdfunder to offer investors access to these proven performers while also giving them access to properties that are wholly owned by the crowdfunder. By operating in this way, UOWN is able to pay out returns to investors even before the property has been fully purchased by the crowd.

With the experience that has been gained by the owners of Parklane Group in lettings and property management as well as UOWN’s ability to link the property hardware that has been created to investors through their online platform, they offer a differentiated option that appeals to investors. UOWN has been created by Shaan and Haaris Ahmed, both in their twenties and graduates from the London School of Economics and Oxford University respectively as well as third generation Parklane Group dynasty. The partnership that has been formed between Parklane Group and UOWN offers an innovative new investment opportunity in the property crowdfunding industry.


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