Sika Sarnafil Helping Installers Gain Roof Assured Competent Roofer

Sika Sarnafil Helping Installers Gain Roof Assured Competent Roofer

Installers from Roof Assured have revealed that they will be receiving a reduced membership to the Competent Roofer Scheme as a part of an agreement that has been made between the NFRC and Sika Sarnafil.

The contractors must go through a thorough training programme in order to receive their Roof Assured seal of approval. It is when this approval has been obtained that they will be properly equipped to install the Sika Sarnafil products. This process, and the membership for the Competent Roofer scheme is the only roofing specific programme that allows for the self-certification of roof refurbishment work.

The skilled professionals that become qualified with Sika Sarnafil will be known as a Roof Assured Competent Roofer. This will mean that they will be qualified to a level that will allow them the autonomy to sign off their own works for Building Regulations purposes. Each job that they sign off will include a 10-year insurance backed guarantee, as well as a breach of Building Regulations and contractor insolvency.

The Regional Sales Manager for Sika Sarnafil, Richard Lawton, has said that an important part of their work is customer protection, therefore the company ensure that they deliver quality service and installation. Homeowners have the right to benefit from proper roof installation by highly skilled professionals, therefore it is vital for the company that all of their installers are Competent Roofer members. With all of the professionals working for Sika Sarnafil put through rigorous training and assessment, it would make sense that the company support their installers to go one step further and helping them to gain accreditation within this scheme.

Customers expect to get what they pay for and with Sika Sarnafil, it is vital that the company delivers professionalism, with the Competent Roofer award as a demonstration of their continuous commitment to quality installation, consumer protection and high standards.


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