Relendex Managed to Reach a Significant Milestone of Gaining Full Authorization

Relendex Managed to Reach a Significant Milestone of Gaining Full Authorization

The peer-to-peer commercial real estate lending marketplace that offers a connection for creditworthy borrowers and investors, Relendex has managed to reach a significant milestone of gaining full authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. Being given this regulation demonstrated that the platform established by Relendex has the rigour and governance that will allow the company to launch its new Innovative Finance ISA that should give retailers a tax efficient lending to the UK commercial property market that is currently unparalleled.

This authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority is a good way for the team at Relendex to start the year. It is thought that the platform will encourage and allow investment in commercial property from both UK and foreign investors. The appetite for a peer-to-peer, P2P marketplace lending within the property sector keeps on growing alongside progress in technology that could result in further market shares being taken away from the high street banks. The full authorisation being received will give an additional boost to the growth of the market and demonstrates the robust infrastructure of Relendex that has met the highest standards of the FCA in order to gain the authorisation.

Relendex has been an early mover when to comes to security-backed commercial property lending for its investors. The business focuses on innovative financial solutions that are offered through a P2P marketplace, which is a lending platform that improves the accessibility of established asset classes in to the direct retail and institutional investor market. It has been said that the business has a commercial approach as well as an automated secondary market that has been able to meet the demand for liquidity to their lenders. Relendex has also been able to maintain zero defaults on their loan book to date. Therefore, the business being able to obtain ISA manager status following their full FCA approval will be the next step for Relendex. This would make them one of the first companies to offer the Innovative Finance ISA to retail investors.


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