Renzo by Daval Furnishes Lynsey Ford Design in West Yorkshire

Renzo by Daval Furnishes Lynsey Ford Design in West Yorkshire

Daval Furniture, award-winning British designer and manufacturer of quality fitted furniture was the first choice for leading interior designer Lynsey Ford, Founder & Owner of Lynsey Ford Design.

Tasked with enhancing Lynsey’s home-studio with its 100% recycled Renzo Furniture, Daval created a custom hideaway kitchen with ample storage to optimise and support the creative process. Designed to harness her style of consultative, high focus work, and introduce the restorative qualities of wood in the workplace, Renzo introduces the subtleties of nature without impact to the environment.

Lynsey Ford of Lynsey Ford Design says, “I try to minimise my consumption, looking to reuse and fix where possible, and so when making purchases I try to buy for longevity. The longer a product lasts, the smaller its environmental impact will be, which is why I turned to Daval for my own project – a new Renzo furniture scheme for my interior design studio for Lynsey Ford Design. I selected Renzo in the Charred Japanese Wood finish as it allowed me to introduce sustainable design alongside the rich, textured look I wanted to achieve. The design features a clever hidden kitchen with instant boiling water tap and reeded glass storage cupboards. It sits behind two floor-to-ceiling doors and is great when I have client meetings and need a facility to make drinks or prepare some snacks without returning to the main house.”

Lynsey’s home-studio with new custom built-in kitchen offers a beautiful take of the grey colour palette, which is brought to life by the rich Renzo furniture, natural stone flooring and mid-century modern steel framed doors on entry. To emphasise the vertical lines, Daval chose to include a series of floor-to-ceiling storage cupboards, which enhance the interior elevations of the space by naturally drawing the eye upwards. By design, Daval has created a designated storage wall that cleverly conceals the bijoux kitchen so that Lynsey, can concentrate on design generation and client consultation with every necessity to hand.

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture says, “We are delighted to collaborate with Lynsey once again following the successful installation for a luxury family suite at the boutique hotel Another Place on Ullswater. As the 2021 winner of BBC Two’s Interior Design Masters, Lynsey is renowned for bringing her fresh, contemporary style to a project with a focus on sustainability and so our award-winning Renzo furniture was a natural choice. As it is made from 100% per cent recycled materials, it meets her high standards for sustainable solutions. Lynsey is based in the next village from our factory, and it was a privilege to be invited into her home studio and assist in creating a flexible workplace to enhance her flourishing business.”

James Bodsworth, Design Director at Daval Furniture says, “We are seeing new levels of creativity following the rise in home-office lifestyles and this has placed new emphasis on hybrid interior design, which is functional yet informal. Fitted furniture is key to supporting a custom home environment like Lynsey’s home-studio, able to create a relaxed yet professional environment that is not out of place in a residential environment. I believe that custom fitted furniture not only serves a practical purpose, but it also enhances the look and feel of the room by complementing a range of colours, materials finishes and textures. As the trend for having a flexible home/work life continues into 2022-3, having the ability to facilitate unique, high spec projects is going to become an integral part of the consumer wish-list moving forwards.”

Lynsey adds, “I am very excited about my new home-studio with custom Daval furniture, as I believe we should make every corner of our homes special. We spend so much time in them and it’s proven to have such an impact on our mood. Your home is your haven and sanctuary, personal to you and your family and I believe should be decorated in a way that makes you happy, not to try and be fashionable. I’m keen to keep growing my business alongside caring for my young family. Now that my new studio is up and running, it feels lovely to keep home and work separate, if only 25 metres away.”

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