Palmers Scaffolding UK Delivers Scaffolding for Work at Carlisle Railway Station

Palmers Scaffolding UK Delivers Scaffolding for Work at Carlisle Railway Station

Galliford Try have been contracted to carry out work on Carlisle Railway Station. Palmers Scaffolding UK have supplied the construction company with their bespoke scaffolding solution in order to carry out the work.

Carlisle Railway Station is a historic building which is a part of the Carlisle conservation zone. The station sees around one million passengers pass through each year and is open 365 days a year. Work to carry out a range of conservation work in January 2016, and Galliford Try were appointed as the main contractor. The company’s aim is to refurbish the strain-shed roof.

Palmers Scaffolding UK has delivered a modular access and protection-based scaffolding system that is bespoke to the company. The solution has been created by 20 advanced scaffolders with further support on hand from Palmers management and supervisors. The scaffolding equipment in place is 9m off the ground, 160m long and 47m in width. The platform spans across 13 roof bays as well as the platforms below. The main component of the scaffolding solution is the Palmers 1350 Bridge Panel System. This bespoke system uses bracing and end panels which means that components can be used for beam structures that span the railway or used as support columns in order to provide bases for the protection decks.

The roofing at the station has been damaged over the years. The main culprit for this damage id seagulls dropping stones as they fly over. In order to refurbish the roof and to combat against further bird strikes, the damaged panels will be replaced with ETFE, or Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. The replacement products will also make the roof safer.

Palmers Scaffolding UK has provided scaffolding solutions for a range of different projects including a number of high profile railway renovations in the UK. Among these projects are the St Pancras refurbishments and the Waverley Station in Edinburgh.


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