Norm Architects Complete Construction of Suffolk Farmhouse Norm Architects Complete Construction of Suffolk Farmhouse

Norm Architects Complete Construction of Suffolk Farmhouse

Norm Architects has completed the construction of a contemporary farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside.

The farmhouse offers panoramic glazing frame view of cornfields and meadows, designed by Danish studio Norm Architects for a working farm in the South of England.

Reydon Grove Farm is a single storey residence elevated above its site on a sandstone platform, which allows residents to take in views of the garden and farmland beyond.

It was conceived as a contemporary take on the farmhouse, with a modern design that moves away from more traditional gabled forms such as those recently explored by US companies Louise Hill Design and Lloyd Architects with a new barn in Utah.

The elongated Reydon Grove Farm block has a flat overhanging roof that shelters a walkway around the property. The Copenhagen studio run by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Ronn placed the house close by a group of mature trees, which screen it from the wind and separate its garden from the fields.

The architects commented: “The Reydon Grove Farm has been designed as a long and narrow flat-roofed pavilion, to give the building a sufficient magnitude and scale to correspond with sizes of the existing barn and the old dairies on the site.

“The long structure is placed on the edge of the property, perfectly conveying the transition from the meadowlands to the cultivated farmland and private enclosed garden.”

Areas between windows are covered in planks of larch, which are arranged vertically to match the cladding of existing buildings on the site.

The two chimneys are made from dark grey brickwork that is intended to harmonise with the cladding as the wood ages, as well as the dark grey window frames.

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Inside, the 247-square-metre floor plan is split into two main sections separated by a central hall. One section contains the lounge, dining area and kitchen, while the other is more private and has bedrooms and bathrooms.

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