New Arrivals at Innes England

New Arrivals at Innes England

An enterprise dealing with the innings and workings of property development and construction is always encouraged to welcome new up-an-coming stars to its dedicated team and Innes England are no exception to that rule. Indeed, the company has recently welcomed the new arrival of Chris Wright and Bali Kaur who will both ensure the continued development of the firm in the Derby area. Having worked for Innes England back in the year 2000 before gradually working his way up the housing and development industry for three different companies before returning to Innes as a new associate director, Chris Wright is very pleased to re-enter the doors of the Innes team.

Indeed, the awarding of the “dealmaker” prize to him on two separate occasions by the well-renowned Estates Gazette demonstrates how far he has progressed in the property and development industry in Britain. It is clear that he will put all of what he has learned from his time there into ensuring that the company prospers and progresses in an age of economic uncertainty and fluctuation. The same could also be said of promising young administration team member Bali Kaur, who has been working in the property admin sector for over half of a decade. Her knowledge of property management and experience of working for Sulets in Leicester means that she is well tuned to the contractual and invoice duties that she will be expected to fulfill and she has expressed her delight in stepping up to the challenge.

Having successfully increased its stronghold in the property industry and with a relatively popular demand for properties in the Derbyshire area, it is clear that both will add to the strong backbone of the firm in helping it to grow and expand as the year goes by. Furthermore, the director of the enterprise in Derby (which also has office space in Nottingham and Leicester) Nick Hosking is pleased that two new members have come crashing through the doors of the Derby office with the verve and enthusiasm to ensure the firm’s progression.


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