Mobilane® Green Screens Installed by The Platinum Limited at Lambeth School

Mobilane® Green Screens Installed by The Platinum Limited at Lambeth School

London Borough of Lambeth Council approached Mobilane® Green Screens in regards to air pollution reduction screening for a Lambeth School. The UK National Business Manager of Mobilane, Paul Garlick, connected the council to The Platinum Limited, one of Mobilane® Green Screens’ network installers. The company consulted the school about their air quality aims and it was decided that the ready-made option supplied by Mobilane met their specifications.

The screens installed at the school measures 2.2 meters high by 1.2 meters wide, with 31 screens in total installed. This solution has delivered an environmentally friendly and more appealing alternative to fencing. The company works to deliver cost effective and sustainable green wall and fencing systems with is a perfect use of nature in a built environment to improve air quality, privacy and security. The installation was successfully carried out by The Platinum Limited in May this year.

Mobilane® Green Screens works with an increasing number of installation partners in order to ensure business development while upholding the established reputation of the product and the Mobilane® name. The company has been successfully growing for a number of years, recording a 20% year on year growth since 2009. The solutions that are offered by Mobilane can be used to enhance a range of spaces: inside, outside, rooftop spaces, corridors and meeting spaces.

The installation at the Lambeth school has took one day and now the children can benefit from an attractive screen that reduces noise and air pollution as well as security. The screens use ivy of a high quality to deliver high impact density for the school’s screening solution. The school now has an improved level of privacy and the children will have a nice green backdrop while at school. The council have also joined school management and parents in expressing their happiness at the finished product.


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