Miller Homes Carried Out Research into What People Look for When they Move Homes

Miller Homes Carried Out Research into What People Look for When they Move Homes

Miller Homes has carried out research into what people look for when they are moving house. One of the UK’s leading house building companies has released the top ten priorities for potential house buyers in the UK. Even though the response differs around the nation, the overall leader for the factors considered is good amenities.

Among the top ten were factors including low crime rate, proximity to work, ranked number 6, Average house prices came in at 9th and Rural aspect was 10th. Other factors that are said to be considered by house hunters are proximity to family and friends and good schools.

As for each region around the UK the number one on the list of house hunting priorities changes. It is though that in areas that are more urban, with less open space, off road parking is more highly regarded, whereas in more countryside areas, being close to shops and other amenities came out on top. Scotland, the East Midlands and the South West ar all areas the prized good amenities, whereas the North West, Yorkshire, West Midlands and the South East favoured off-road parking.

London was the only region to have Access to transport as the number one factor for house buyers, with Wales and the North East thinking that a clean and attractive surroundings for property was the most important. Knowing what factors are held as important can be incredibly valuable information for property developers, as they are better equipped to build houses to meet the requirements for the area.

The values that are considered important show that the emphasis in the current market is building homes where house buyers are looking to live for the long term. The research shows that property developers need to work hard in order to create neighbourhoods that are well looked after and in an attractive location with access to local amenities in order to be snapped up by the modern house hunter looking for a long term home.


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