LondonMetric Holds Two Warehouses

LondonMetric Holds Two Warehouses

Two warehouses in Wakefield and Dartford have recently been bought for approximately £16 million by well established property mogul LondonMetric. The company itself is pleased that it has managed the purchase effectively, having held the Wakefield space for £9.5 million and the Dartford one for considerably less at £6.3 million. In any case, this is a sign that the company itself is looking forward to having invested in warehouse space that it will want to put into good use in order to contend with the ongoing demand for logistics space in the United Kingdom that is an essential advantage of any company.

Ideally located just off the M62, the warehouse in Wakefield that LondonMetric has purchased totals an impressive 120,000 square foot space on an industrial park that also rents space to other corporation giants such as OneStop Stores and Tesco, thus making it a popular location for retail and shopping outlets operating in the northern areas of the country. On the other hand, the second warehouse purchase that the company has made is located in the southern area of Kent and is 1.5 miles away from the popular M25 route. Totaling 49,000 square feet this warehouse space was set up back in 2003 and some of its other customers include Antalis, one of the leading European lights in the packaging industry.

With these two deals in the bag, it is clear that LondonMetric’s warehouse shopping will ensure that it continues to have an estimable logistics set-up and is thus able as a result of this to conduct its operations all around the rest of the United Kingdom with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. Furthermore, the company’s CEO Andrew Jones emphasized that with the expansion of the logistics systems in the country through such new things as the influx of shopping on the internet, LondonMetric is in a good position to be able to cope with the client base that will be seeking its services soon.


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