LNT to Create More Care Home Environments For the Elderly in the UK

LNT to Create More Care Home Environments For the Elderly in the UK

LNT Care Developments, a professional company that organizes the building of some of the most comfortable homes for the elderly, have been consistently prolific and in demand to create more care home environments around the United Kingdom. With an impressive record of having constructed 100 different care residences all over the country in the short space of 16 years, LNT are now intending to build a dementia-friendly residence home for adults in the age range of 65 years and more in an area in Buntingford in the county of East Hertfordshire.

With work predicting to commence on the project from next month up until next January in 2018, the new location will eventually have the capacity to hold 66 beds for patients and residents alike. It is greatly hoped that the residence will then serve as the key location for socializing and communal interaction in the elderly community. Since loneliness is a reported huge problem concerning elderly and retired individuals across the United Kingdom, it is more important than ever to encourage projects that dedicate themselves to an all too often taken for granted sector of society: the elderly. It thus seems that with the LNT development of this new home, such fully furnished luxuries as a cinema and various shops will be at close hand to residents, whose rooms in the residence will be en-suite and will be in close proximity of the surrounding area’s retail outlets and places of religious worship.

Ms Christine Cooper of LNT will supervise the progression of the project and has fully vocalized her enthusiasm for the development, emphasizing that it will be beneficial to the entire Buntingford community by creating around 50 employment opportunities as well as prioritizing the concerns of elderly patients and those suffering from dementia. Even sourcing the energy to enable the home’s facilities to function will be beneficial, this time to the environment, through the use of solar panels and geothermal energy to ensure lower maintenance expenses and promote awareness of the environment to the Buntingford community.


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