Jim Thompson Launches the Concealed Hinge Repair Kit Jim Thompson Launches the Concealed Hinge Repair Kit

Jim Thompson Launches the Concealed Hinge Repair Kit

British entrepreneur Jim Thomson has just launched the Concealed Hinge Repair Kit by Gidgit®, which uses patented new technology to replace broken cabinet hinges and helps you avoid costly repairs. Household cabinets are used daily and over time they develop a range of problems, especially with the hinges that are designed to keep the cupboards and cabinets intact.

Jim Thomson’s idea came after one of his kitchen cabinet doors was ripped out during a washer installation. When he tried to fix it, he found out that his only options were to either replace the broken hinge with an unwieldy metal place bracket or throw away the entire carcass.  What happened after that resulted in a messy repair that further damaged the carcass and required the use of wood screws that would have ripped up the cabinet even more.

After this incident, the British entrepreneur decided to create something better, so he started working on his 3D printer, with which he managed to design, create, and patent a flexible plastic bracket. The advantage of the Concealed Hinge Repair Kit is that it can be moved and placed on the original location of the hinge. It also saves you time and money and causes almost no damage to the cabinet.

“This is a cost-effective solution to an everyday problem,” said Thomson. “There’s an enormous market for the Gidgit® Repair Kit and we’re currently in talks with a number of global retailers and suppliers. Everyone has this type of hinge in their home and we’d like to see every DIY store stocking this product. We’d also like to encourage cabinet manufacturers to include the Gidgit® as either a repair kit for their cabinets, or to be integrated into cabinets directly as part of the manufacturing process.”

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The bracket is available at just £9.99 per unit or at £19.99 for a trade pack of three units. It can be used to fix the hinges of all cabinets found in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, garages, offices, and even on boats. The product is sparking interest among global suppliers and Thompson is considering further enquiries from manufacturers and retailers across the UK, EU, Nordics, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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