Interior Decorating Tips That Will Help Add Value to your Property

Interior Decorating Tips That Will Help Add Value to your Property

If you are a landlord looking to sell your property with a sitting tenant you may be interested in finding ways that can significantly add value to your house with minimum outlay.

In the same way, anyone looking to become a landlord would do well to look into how to get the best yield from their rental properties. In most cases, increasing your property’s value is easier than many people think and with buyers currently in short supply, the right improvements can attract more attention on the house market.

With that in mind, see below for a look at some simple interior decorating tips that require minimum investment but will help you to add real value to your property.

 The top Interior Design Trends of 2017

When it comes to adding some significant value to your property in preparation for viewings by prospective tenants or buyers even small improvements can pay-off handsomely. Some of the leading interior design trends of 2017 that require minimum investment but can set your property apart from the rest include the following:

  • Simple Kitchen Upgrades: The kitchen is by far the single biggest part of your property’s interior that can have a large impact on the value of your house. Current trends include engineered quartz, manufactured grey floors, and appliances that fold up to save space.
  • Spruce up Your Bathroom: In the bathroom focus on simple items such as the faucets, lighting and countertops. Creating warmth in this space with touches such as under-floor heating, mirrors, and installing a good quality shower are all easy ways to add value.
  • Install a Basement: If your property has adequate space, and planning permission if required, installing a basement is another great way to add significant value. From home offices to man caves there are a number of popular uses for basements that can make up a prospective buyer or tenant’s mind.
  • Repair all Superficial Defects: If you’re looking to gain real value on your property its upkeep is also important. This includes fixing all superficial defects as they can harm your ability to achieve the best price when considered cumulatively.

 Other simple interior decorating tips you can employ also include replacing the property’s windows, remodelling your existing interior spaces, and adding more storage. For the best results, tackle one room at a time to keep your objectives clear and the tasks more manageable as well as less stressful, -particularly if you’re undertaking the renovations on your own.

By following the suggestions highlighted above you will be well on your way to making your property the pick of the bunch on the market. Higher demand for your rental or house sale will result in you achieving the best prices possible and all through simple changes like the ones above.


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