Glen Dimplex Announces Plans to Dedicate Itself to EU Flame

Glen Dimplex Announces Plans to Dedicate Itself to EU Flame

Glen Dimplex is a well-known and respected company that specializes in delivering forms of electrical heating into properties in North America, so it might come as a slight surprise to some that it is actually planning to commit to Dutch company EU Flame from Heerenven. Indeed, this actually represents a shift in Glen Dimplex’s ambitions, who now want to invest greater potential and have more involvement in other forms of heating methods, such as gas and wood burning. Operating in various markets across the rest of Europe, EU Flame are an upwardly mobile and successful compant that will undoubtedly be pleased that Glen Dimplex has come from as far back as the Atlantic to dedicate itself towards the European markets. It is indeed hoped that through this much-needed support EU Flame will be able to consolidate its position as one of the very leading providers in heat energy in the whole of the continent and that it will successfully be able to meet the demands that this will set them.

Indeed, this also represents a further very good move for Glen Dimplex, whose ownership of the companies Robinson Willey and of Valor has made them one of the leading energy providers to homes in Great Britain and Ireland: indeed, they themselves have succeeded in consolidating greater than half the market shares in the heating industry, demonstrating that they are a powerful and savvy company that is constantly looking to develop itself into the future markets.

For EU Flame, who also own Faber, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to swim with the big fish of the heating providing industry, and with an employment workforce of 10,000 are hopeful that the investments of Glen Dimplex will help them to expand their horizons and control over heating across the European continent even more than they do already at the present moment in time.


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