Excitement Towards Salford BTR Scheme

Excitement Towards Salford BTR Scheme

Tina Clinton the Head of PRS of a company dealing in real estate known as urbanbubble has voiced her opinion on the new BTR Salford scheme that the enterprise has agreed to commit itself to by partnering with LGIM. The project itself will help to ensure that the PRS known as The Slate and located in the New Bailey area of Salford will be able to welcome its 225 units to new residents this very summer. Urbanbubble are evidently excited to be affiliated with LGIM, whose involvement in the buy-to-rent sector has been extensive: indeed, the company now has succeeded in ensuring that more than 1,000 buy-to-rent properties will be planned and built over the course of the next few years. Indeed, it is clear that since committing to the BTR idea back in 2016, LGIM Real Assets are determined to deliver on this project that will undoubtedly seek to improve the lives of people in the rented sector of the property and development industry.

Tina Clinton emphasizes that urbanbubble has, since its implementation into the world of property and development not so long ago in 2008, been committed towards helping members of local communities to be able to improve their living standards and the attitudes that they have towards renting property in the United Kingdom. Clinton stresses that urbanbubble is committed to helping communities restore themselves to their former togetherness and aspirations for improved social and rented housing, which has stagnated in recent times due to a lack of homes being built and a soar in house prices.

With the prospect of renting being more popular now due to these factors, it is important that companies like urbanbubble try to push the envelope in improving the living conditions of people renting in communities and their commitment to BTR seems to be evidence that that is exactly what they are doing. “Generation Rent” does not have to be a negative thing so long as landlords are kept in check and healthy community relations are maintained.


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