Custom and Self Build Leads the Way in Adoption of Sustainability

Custom and Self Build Leads the Way in Adoption of Sustainability

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) is delighted to publish its first annual Custom and Self Build Market Report, the most comprehensive assessment of the state of the sector to date.

The results show that 1 in 2 builders included a sustainable heat source in their project, while over half chose to build using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) – making the sector a trailblazer for these two important areas of construction. The main reason most people cited for choosing an owner-commissioned house was the ability to have greater choice in their home – and the data for sustainable heating and MMC demonstrates that, for many people, their choices contribute to creating better-built and greener homes. The report also highlights the missing market in our new homes delivery, with 94% of prospective self-builders saying they would not buy a speculatively built new home.

Unsurprisingly, the number one barrier to self building remained sourcing a plot – despite the Right to Build legislation and the National Planning Policy Framework’s requirement for Local Plans to bring forward at least 10% of their housing requirement on small sites (Par. 69). This was closely followed by planning as the second largest barrier to growth. 

Set out over 100 pages, the Custom and Self Build Market Report is a valuable and much needed overview on the sector that adds further insight data and analysis to support the findings of the 2021 Independent Review into Scaling up Self-build and Custom Housebuilding by Richard Bacon. 

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, NaCSBA CEO said: “This first ever NaCSBA annual Custom and Self Build Market Report is essential reading for all those keen to access quality insight, analysis and data on the sector and on the views and aspirations of past and current self-builders, as well as those thinking of the route. It is a stark reminder of what the new homes market could and should be about – quality, sustainability, community and value.

“NaCSBA welcomes the confirmation of past and future custom and self builders commitment to MMC and sustainability. We await the government’s response to the Bacon Review’s recommendations, and the upcoming opening of Help to Build to customer applications. These, together with the promised changes to improve the Right to Build legislation, make this an important time for sector.”

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