Cost of Homes in Essex and Southern Regions Has Soared

Cost of Homes in Essex and Southern Regions Has Soared

It has been shown that the cost of habitations in the county of Essex in the Southern regions of this country has soared, totaling to an average rate of no less than 14 per cent. This figure is drawn from a survey by Balgores Property Group, who also found that whilst the value of houses across the Essex area has surged, it was the town of Romford that saw the largest rise in house prices to an impressive 23 per cent.

As compared to the capital, where the cost of homes only went up by 3.7 per cent in the last year,  Essex is currently seeming to be the go-to place for house sales price rises. Of course, the county’s proximity to the London metropolis is undoubtedly a factor that has influenced these figures, as has the fact that the cost of living there is not quite as high as in the extortionate city center of London. With the average price tag of a home in Essex having risen considerably more than in previous years, it is tempting for some to think that despite the results of the EU referendum the economy is still strong and areas such as Essex are indicative of Britain’s resilience against the menacing tide of Brexit.

To Mister Martin Gibbon, an affiliate of Balgores Property Group, this would certainly be the case and he is confident that the housing figures show that places like Romford are a sign that the country is getting itself back on track in the wake of the referendum. Mister Gibbon also highlighted the various attractions and opportunities available in Romford and it certainly is evidence that the prices in London are getting far too high for people to live there, and are therefore opting to leave the capital center to the outer suburbs of various locations within the county of Essex.


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