What To Consider Before Installing Second Bathroom

The interior of a simple, modern bathroom in a cool, green tone. There is a bath, shower, a bath towel . There are light grey tiles in the shower with running water

Many families know the struggle of the morning bathroom run, especially when you all share the one bathroom – there’s always one who’ll keep you all waiting half an hour while they ‘beautify’ themselves. A second bathroom could really alleviate these problems, while also adding value to your home!

Making such a drastic change to your home will obviously come with a whole host of issues you will need to consider before you put on your favourite hard hat and head down to your nearest DIY store. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you undertake this task.

Should I do the plumbing myself?
If you’re a certified tradesman, then go for it. Otherwise, enlist the help of a professional. Make sure all plumbing and electrical work in undertaken by qualified professionals. Making sure the plumbing is done correctly should be your top priority for this project, not all DIY needs to be done specifically by you. Working with a professional from the very start can help to avoid any costly mistakes to mislaid pipework.

Can my home cope with the extra waste?
If you house makes use of a septic tank system, you need to determine if it can cope with the extra waste input. Thankfully, there are plenty of modern solutions to this problem, a macerator pump for example, that offer great flexibility when it comes to waste management in pumping systems.

Is there room for another room?
Sometimes you may be able to convert a smaller, unused room into a bathroom, which is great, but most of us are not so lucky. Space is a precious commodity in the home and extensions are expensive to build. If you want to be creative with space, a spare bathroom need only consist of a toilet and a washbasin in some instances, in which case you could very easily convert a tiny room in your home. If you looking to install another shower or bath, however, then this becomes more of a problem. Should you be blessed with a particularly large master bedroom, then why not repurpose it to include an en-suite?

Will I need ventilation?
If you are planning to install a bath/shower then ventilation is vital in order to alleviate the build-up of condensation in the room. Making sure there is a window in that second bathroom can be a simple form of ventilation, but an extractor fan will do the best job to truly get rid of the problem.

What should I put in it?
Once you have got the logistics out of the way, you can start to have fun with decoration in your new room. Creative bathroom design can often turn a room from a cramped, boring washroom into a fresh, new space within your home that you’ll be excited to show your houseguests.

There we have it, some key questions to ask yourself before you embark on the journey that is second bathroom design. Make sure you do thorough research for you to properly know what you’re getting into. Remember: if you’re unsure, just as a professional.


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