BLP Insurance Joins CCNH Consumer Code

BLP Insurance Joins CCNH Consumer Code

BLP Insurance, the specialist residential and commercial insurer has announced that they have joined the Consumer Code for New Homes, or the CCNH. This CCNH Code has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.

The objective of the CCNH Code is closely connected to the BLP Code for the Sale of New Homes, which is upheld by BLP Insurance and was first launched in 2015. Both of these Codes have laid out mandatory standards to be followed during the marketing, selling and purchasing of new homes by registered developers. There are also warranty providers signed up to the Codes who have a genuine commitment to the consumers and look to improve the standards of construction as well as improving customer service standards in the new homes market. A part of the Codes also deals with a clear complaints process that can be used in order to deal with any issues.

The success of the CCNH Code will be measures through the key performance indicators that are able to assess buyer satisfaction levels, complaints and dispute resolution remedies and buyer engagement levels. The effectiveness of the of the CCNH Code will be monitored on an ongoing basis through the use of an independent administrator that has been appointed by the CCNH Board.

The number of Consumer Codes have been made available to new homebuyers over the course of the last two years. However, some feel that it would be better to have an industry-wide Code that can be used to support best practice while also working towards improving consumer protection as an optimum solution. Home Buyers need both clarity and transparency in the sales and post sales process. Therefore, if things go wrong they will also need access to an effective and low cost dispute resolution system. BLP Insurance have joined the CCNH Code as they feel that it provides a unified approach for the consumer from five different warranty providers.


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