Barratt Homes Has Started Their Summer Site Safety Roadshow

Barratt Homes Has Started Their Summer Site Safety Roadshow

The well known house building company, Barratt Homes has started their Summer Site Safety Roadshow. The property company has these shows each year and involves going into schools and educating the students about the multiple dangers on a live construction site. It has been reported that there are more than 30 different live construction sites around Scotland alone, so initiatives such as the one carried out by Barratt Homes are vital to make sure that children are aware of the dangers that are posed and how to stay safe.

Barratt Homes has their own site safety experts, and the team will be starting their work as part of the annual safety roadshow. The team from Barratt will start off by visiting schools in West Scotland, going in particular to schools in Wishaw, Robroyston and Bonnybridge.

Barratt Homes conduct this show each year in order to show a commitment to health and safety as well as demonstrating their consideration for the communities that they may be carrying out development projects nearby. It is important to make sure that local schools are able to access the correct information that will help keep students safe outside of school. It shows great responsibility for construction companies such as Barratt Homes to support and lead educating schemes such as the summer site safety roadshow to keep children safe in the areas that they are working in.

The Safety, Health and Environment Manager for Barratt Homes Scotland will be leading a team that will be visiting schools in order to deliver 40 minute presentations that will interact with the students and consist of videos and question and answer sessions in order to make sure that the children have the required information to stay safe. There will also be kids-sized personal protection equipment for the children to try on as a part of the presentation and a pack of information that the staff at the schools will receive and will be able to hand out to the students and to the parents as appropriate.


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