Barratt Homes Consistently Home Builders Federation Five Star Rated

Buying a home is a significant financial commitment, and usually thought to be the largest purchase that most people will ever make. It is then considered that those taking the plunge into the new waters of the housing market want to guarantee that their home is a quality investment.

The Home Builders Federation launched their Star Rating Scheme in 2005 in order to help with the quality assurance aspect of buying a home. This Scheme is a well-known, proven and popular industry benchmark which offers a simple effective and nationally applicable solution for identifying quality house builders when looking to buy a new home.

House building companies are awarded a star rating according to the entire buying process. The only way that a property development company is able to acquire the top five-star rating is to consistently score highly in the national survey for house builders. This consistent high scoring will reflect that a customer is satisfied with every aspect of the buying experience as well as being happy with the product itself.

A company that has been awarded the prestigious five-star rating for eight consecutive years in Barratt Homes. The company carried out a comprehensive sign-off process for all of their property in order to ensure that each one has been finished to the exacting standard of the Home Builders Federation. As a part of this sign-off, each property is inspected by a company director personally, before being handed over to the new owner.

Barratt Homes has demonstrated their commitment to the Scheme over the years, as have their employees. The company has highlighted David Oliver, the Site Manager for Mill Brae as a shining star for the company, who has constantly focused on delivering quality for Barratt customers. His commitment has earned David several different Pride in the Job awards from NHBC.


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