Albyn Housing Society Handed Over Keys to Thirteen Tenants

Albyn Housing Society Handed Over Keys to Thirteen Tenants

Albyn Housing Society handed over keys to thirteen tenants on the 23rd June as part of the final stages of the 51 homes developed by Barratt Homes at Ness Castle. The Housing Society took the final handover stages from Barratt Homes last week and the release of the thirteen tenants’ keys is the first part of a development that has come from a partnership that has been established between the housing society and the award winning housing developers.

The development that is taking place and includes the 51 houses that have been built at Ness Castle Includes a mixture of one to four bedroomed houses that will be put up for rent. The houses have been developed for the mid-market rental and sale by Albyn Enterprise. The Housing Society will be using their low-cost home ownership scheme when selling and letting the properties. At the moment all of the properties that are part of this development have been allocated, let or purchased.

The development has received more than £2.5 million in funding from the Scottish Government in order to be completed. The project has a total value of £6 million and this first phase will be closely followed by a second phase. The second stage of the development will see the creation of 27 more units. Work on this phase is projected to start at some point later in the year and will be located near the popular area of Loch Ness.

The handover that took place last week is a significant step forward for the housing development and it signifies the completion of the first phase of a development that aims to create 138 units by the 31st March 2018. The partnership between Barratt Homes and Albyn Housing Society has been successful so far, and the partners will continue to deliver high quality and modern homes throughout the rest of the development.


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