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Where to find England’s most sustainable homes

  • Tower Hamlets has the most energy-efficient homes in England, based on the percentage of homes with an EPC Band C or above
  • The City of London area takes second on the list
  • Southwark comes in third

New research has revealed the England areas with the most energy-efficient homes, with Tower Hamlets coming out on top.

The study by Enviro Homes Renewables studied the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, which showed the percentage of homes in each local authority that had an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Band ‘C’ or above.

It found that the London area of Tower Hamlets has the highest amount of energy-efficient homes in England. The data studied showed that in 2022, 76.11% of homes in the area had an EPC band ‘C’ or above, which is the highest in England by over ten percentage points.

Coming in second on the list is the City of London area. It comes in with 62.74% of homes in the area being graded an EPC Band ‘C’ or above, based on the latest 2022 data.

Another London area in Southwark comes in third place on the list. According to the latest 2022 data, 62.07% of homes in the area have an EPC Band ‘C’ or above.

Fourth place on the list goes to the Greater Manchester area of Salford. The latest data shows that 62.04% of homes in the area have an EPC Band ‘C’ or above.

Rounding out the top five is Hackney, the fourth of five London areas to appear on the list. 61.27% of homes in the area were found to have an EPC Band ‘C’ or above in 2022.

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The top ten England areas with the most energy-efficient homes

RankLocal authority district nameRegionPercentage of dwellings with EPC Band ‘C’ or above, 2022
1Tower HamletsLondon76.11%
2City of LondonLondon64.74%
4SalfordNorth West62.04%
7CambridgeEast of England59.23%
8DartfordSouth East58.81%
9Milton KeynesSouth East58.50%

Commenting on the findings, Ross Jones, Director Of Enviro Homes Renewables, said: “While there are many ways you can save money on energy for your home, having a low energy efficiency rating can make this very difficult from the start, and costs will add up, and with the current cost of living this can be a serious problem. However, if you don’t live in one of these areas, you can improve your EPC rating by installing insulation, changing your lighting, replacing your boiler, and more.”

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