SISD Global Parents Day SISD Global Parents Day

Swiss International School Dubai Celebrates Global Parents Day

Swiss International School Dubai (SISD), a leading educational institution offering a world-class, multilingual IB curriculum, is excited to celebrate Global Parents Day on June 1st by highlighting the extensive range of opportunities and support it provides to its parent community.

Global Parents Day, observed annually on June 1st, is a day designated by the United Nations since 2012, to honour parents worldwide for their selfless commitment to their children’s well-being and development. It recognises the crucial role parents play in nurturing and guiding their children, ensuring their safety, education and overall growth.

The day aims to highlight the importance of family and the responsibility of parents in fostering a positive, healthy, and supportive environment for children,  contributing to the development of societies at large.

As Principal Ruth Burke says: “At SISD, we recognise the pivotal role parents play in the educational journey of their children, and we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and enriching environment for both students and their families.”

The range of activities at the Nord Anglia owned school that involve parents includes:

Open Door Events

SISD hosts regular Open Door Events, allowing parents to engage directly in the learning process. These events offer the opportunity for parents to visit classrooms, observe teaching methodologies, and meet SISD’s dedicated educators. This initiative not only strengthens the parent-teacher relationship but also provides parents with insights into their children’s academic environment, expectations and routines.

Parent Workshops

The school conducts a variety of parent workshops focusing on elements of wellbeing, software assistance and Secondary education options, and the range of academic pathways available. These workshops are designed to equip parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to support their children’s education effectively.

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Early Years Open Day Induction

To ensure a smooth transition for the youngest learners, SISD organises Early Years Open Day Inductions and a range of Stay and Play events, allowing parents and children to meet teachers, familiarise themselves with the school environment, and prepare for the new academic year.

Active Parents’ Association

The dynamic school enjoys an active Parents’ Association, which plays a vital role in the school community. The Association organises a variety of social events, including Iftar during Ramadan, International Day celebrations, social evenings, a beautiful winter wonderland event, and UAE National Day activities. These events enhance the community cohesion and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of the school’s families, and nurture the strong sense of belonging which benefits students and their families. 

In-School Parent Events

SISD hosts numerous in-school events throughout the year, where parents can actively participate. From Science fairs and music concerts, to reading sessions and creative art workshops in classrooms, these events offer students a platform to showcase their hard work and talents. Sports Days and Careers Day, organised and run by parents, are particularly popular, providing students with both athletic and professional development opportunities. Opportunities for parents to learn Arabic, to participate in a range of working parties to support school development and to attend.

New Parent Induction Days and Coffee Mornings

SISD warmly welcomes new families through our New Parent Induction Days and Coffee Mornings. These events are designed to facilitate the integration of new parents into our school community, providing opportunities to connect with other families and gain insight into the school’s programs and expectations.


Recognizing the significance of transitions between key grades and sections, we prioritize smooth transitions for both parents and students. Throughout the year, we host transition information sessions aimed at ensuring a seamless move into the next phase of education.

Additionally, our students and families in Inclusion benefit from a range of events, support activities and advisory sessions from the Inclusion team.

Language-Specific Events

Reflecting its commitment to multilingual education, SISD also hosts Arabic, French and German events, celebrating the linguistic diversity of students and families. These events provide a cultural immersion experience, enhancing the overall educational journey.

“On this Global Parents Day, SISD extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the parents for their unwavering support, ongoing contributions and involvement. Our partnership with parents is crucial in creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment that empowers students to achieve their full potential. In the recent OECD report, it was noted that students with involved parents earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills and behave better at school and our approach to SISD wholly supports this research.”

For more information about SISD’s parent engagement initiatives, please visit the website or contact the school administration office.

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