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SISD – the renowned international IB day and boarding school, is celebrating being awarded “Very Good” status in its latest DSIB Inspection.

Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau, (DSIB), part of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, conducts annual inspections of private schools in Dubai.

Inspections are designed to evaluate the quality of education provided by schools, covering aspects such as quality of teaching, students’ achievements in key subjects, the social and emotional development of students, school management and the overall educational support provided to students.

Schools are rated on a scale that includes categories such as ‘Outstanding,’ ‘Very Good,’ ‘Good,’ ‘Acceptable,’ and ‘Weak.’

Since SISD’s first rating as a brand new school in 2017, its rating has risen from ‘Acceptable’ to ‘Good’ to the latest rating – ‘Very Good’.

Today, the school welcomes over 2000 pupils from all over the world, many of whom are boarders.

The comprehensive 22-page report details improvements in 27 areas, taking the school up to an overall rating of Very Good.  But it is notable that many areas of the school’s activities are considered ‘Outstanding’, including student care and support, health and safety, curriculum design and implementation and student social responsibility and innovation skills.

The dynamic school also received improved ratings in Inclusion, National Agenda and Wellbeing (all now rated ‘Very Good’), and on top of last year’s 64 areas of improvement, SISD’s progress is meteoric.

School Head, Ruth Burke, says the entire school community is delighted with the upgraded rating: “We have worked so very hard over the last year, with the DSIB noting improvements in an astounding 92 different areas over the last two inspections. We are so proud of our school, and this latest rating marks a significant milestone in our journey to constantly ensure we deliver on our promise of the best education for our students.”

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Last year, the bilingual IB school – one of only two boarding schools in the UAE – was bought by international group Nord Anglia Education, so it is especially significant that following this investment in the school’s future, it has already gone up a notch in the city’s education rankings.

Head teacher Ruth Burke is well known for her commitment to ensuring improvements in schools. As a highly experienced educator in the UAE, Ruth has more than 21 years of teaching and leadership experience in the UAE – and has a reputation for securing ‘Outstanding’ DSIB status within schools.

The latest report, in describing student outcomes, said: “Students show responsible attitudes. They respond well to feedback. Relationships are mutually respectful. Attendance and punctuality are very good. Students link Islamic values well to their daily life. 

They appreciate the culture of the UAE and the diversity of cultures represented by the school population. Students report that their opinions are valued. They engage in leadership and entrepreneurial activities and show a comprehensive understanding of sustainability.”

The inspection cycle means each private school in Dubai can expect a visit from DSIB inspectors once every academic year. The results of these inspections are made public, providing parents, schools, and the wider community with transparent information about the quality of education at each school. DSIB ratings can have significant implications for schools, influencing parent choice, school improvement efforts, and regulatory decisions by the KHDA.

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