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Property Developer Show – Bridging the Gap in the UK Housing Market

In response to the pressing need for housing in the United Kingdom, the Property Developer Show is poised to become a cornerstone event for the British property development industry. With a staggering shortfall of 4.3 million homes, the event promises to unite key players and drive the momentum needed to tackle this urgent national challenge.

Founded by Scott Williams, the Property Developer Show was conceived out of a clear recognition of a gap in the market. Scott identified the critical need for a platform dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) developers, who are integral to meeting the housing demand but often lack the resources and networking opportunities available to larger developers – particularly in the early stages of becoming a developer.

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The Property Developer Show aims to serve as the premier forum for SME developers, providing them with unparalleled access to industry insights, innovative solutions, and a network of potential partners and service providers. This initiative is not just a business event; it is a mission-driven endeavour designed to stimulate growth, foster collaboration, and ultimately, accelerate the delivery of much-needed homes across the UK.

The show will feature a comprehensive program, including keynote speeches from industry leaders, panel discussions on the latest trends and challenges, and workshops focused on practical skills and strategies. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products and services tailored to the needs of property developers.

Scott Williams, reflecting on the inception of the Property Developer Show, stated, “Our goal is to empower SME developers with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed. By bringing together the best minds and resources in the industry, we can collectively work towards closing the housing gap and building a brighter future for the UK.”

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The event is expected to attract a diverse array of participants, from seasoned developers to newcomers in the field, as well as policymakers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders invested in the housing sector. This diversity will foster a rich exchange of ideas and facilitate the formation of strategic partnerships that can drive innovation and efficiency in property development.

As the UK continues to grapple with its housing crisis, the Property Developer Show stands out as a beacon of hope and progress. By championing the cause of SME developers and promoting a collaborative approach to building homes, the show not only addresses an immediate need but also contributes to the long-term resilience and sustainability of the housing market.

The next show will be taking place on the 4th September 2024 at The Etihad Stadium, in Manchester. For more information about the Property Developer Show, including event dates, program details, and registration information, please visit our website at

Join us at the Property Developer Show and be a part of the solution to Britain’s housing crisis. Together, we can make significant strides in closing the housing gap and ensuring that every individual and family in the UK has access to a safe and affordable home.

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