The Yorkshire division of national homebuilder, Bellway is giving buyers in Skipton a chance to discover exactly what goes into building one of its homes, following the introduction of its House to Home experience on its Clifford Gardens development on the town’s Carleton Road.

The experience, which is exclusive to Bellway, provides visitors with the opportunity to find out more about the entire build process from pre-plaster to finished home in the company of a site manager.

Paula Murdoch, Bellway Yorkshire’s sales manager, said: “Our sales advisors are asked lots of questions about the building process and the House to Home concept was developed as a way of answering these in a unique way.”

“It also serves the purpose of showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into building a Bellway home, from the materials used to the placement of fixtures; the contemporary construction methods we use to our sustainable practices.”

The House to Home house on Clifford Gardens is designed to demonstrate the different stages of the build process; with the house split into first fix, second fix and final stages sections.

  • First fix is the work carried out after foundations, walls and roof have been built and before plastering is finished. It shows traditional building aspects like wall construction, pipework for heating and plumbing, and cabling for electricity and broadband; while also highlighting the steps taken to reduce energy bills and deliver a sustainable home.
  • Second fix occurs when plastering is complete. It covers the addition of various fixtures and fittings and the connecting of electrical fixtures. It also marks the phase during which a home really begins to take shape – with floors, internal doors, joinery mouldings, sockets and switches installed.
  • The final stage incorporates the jobs that turn a house into a home. Kitchens are installed, walls are decorated, carpets fitted and the property made ready for keys to be handed over to the buyers.
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“Those who’ve already done the House to Home tour here in Skipton have all come away from it full of enthusiasm for what they’ve been able to see and find out about their new home,” added Paula. “Interestingly, the information the site manager provides about how best to care for a home after moving in – covering small details like how best to put up shelves, hang pictures or install wall-mounted TVs – has proved particularly popular.”

Being built on a 16.5-acre site off Skipton’s Carleton Road, Clifford Gardens features a strong mix of different home types and sizes, including two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes.  Prices currently range from £274,995 for a three-bed semi-detached Beswick to £544,995 for four-bed detached Sandringham with a double garage.

For further information on the development and to book a House to Home tour visit, call 01756 533028 or visit the on-site sales office which is open 10am to 5pm every Monday and Friday, 11am to 5pm on a Saturday and Sunday and 10am to 7pm every Thursday.

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