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Abode launch Pronteau Scandi-E with HotKey® technology

One of the safest ways to operate instant hot water…

Abode, award-winning designer and distributor of market leading kitchen sinks, taps & instant hot water taps, bathroom taps & showering solutions continue to excite the market’s love of Scandi-style home interiors with the launch of Pronteau Scandi-E, it’s latest 4 IN 1 instant hot water tap with patented HotKey® sensor technology, real Beechwood handles, and three trend finishes: Matt White, Matt Black and Scandi Grey.

Paul Illingworth, Design Manager at Abode says “Products that are designed to be both safe and stylish continue to serve multigenerational design in the home, which not only capture current style trends but also the individual needs of a homeowner. Our new Pronteau Scandi-E instant hot water tap has been designed using our patented HotKey® technology so UK customers can enjoy filtered cold and steaming hot water from a tap, which is Scandi by design and extremely safe to operate.”

Designed with 4 IN 1 functionality (hot, cold, filtered cold and 75-98º steaming hot) the new Pronteau Scandi-E by Abode offers the kitchen and utility room a complete solution for the contemporary wash zone. With a series of exclusive design elements and advanced technology, the new Pronteau Scandi-E offers the following key benefits:

Scandi-E STYLE

  • Scandi-inspired: Distinct monobloc tap with organically inspired silhouette and natural design elements.
  • 3x Trend Finishes: Available in Matt White, Matt Black and Scandi Grey.
  • Original style: Single lever handle (right) made of FSC® Approved real Beechwood and unique to Abode.
  • High quality: Pronteau taps are made in Italy from the highest quality European Brass for greater longevity, product versatility and assurance.
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Scandi-E SPEC

  • Safety first: Scandi-E features the company’s patented HotKey® Sensor Technology, one of the safest ways to access or deny access to instant steaming hot water. Without the HotKey® in operation the instant hot water cannot be activated, so end users can hide it away or up high from little ones for optimum safety. Controlled via a discreet HotKey® fob a proximity sensor hidden inside the body of the tap detects when the HotKey® is near, activating the boiler to pump steaming hot water through a separate central channel to the spout. Without it, the tap becomes an ordinary 3-way mixer.
  • Multigenerational design: HotKey® is great for anyone with dexterity difficulties or conditions like arthritis, as users can avoid pushing down, turning or sliding in order to trigger the water flow.
  • Refreshingly easy: Filtered Cold push button, a new way to provide easy access to filtered cold water using a 4 IN 1 Pronteau tap. This unique mechanism is super simple to use and ensures the water instantly arrives at the optimal flow rate of 2l/m.
  • Small yet mighty: the PROBOIL.4E boiler has been designed exclusively for the new Pronteau 4 IN 1 HotKey® range by Abode. Packed with a series of features including the biggest capacity yet at 4L, which delivers up to 100 cups per hour! Fast and easy to install, this model offers toolless installation, low running costs and quick re-boil times, plus simple intuitive digital controls, filter life indicator display and colour coded push fit connectors. Its compact size also means it will fit in a Belfast sink base cabinet.  
  • Cool touch technology: located inside the tap to create a barrier between the flow of steaming hot water and surface of the spout so it’s always cool to touch!
  • Flexible: 180° spout rotation for trouble-free cup filling, easy food prep and pot washing.
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  • Flow limitation: Providing aerated hot and cold water with optional 5l/m flow limitation, which helps to minimise sink splash back and reduce overall water consumption. Pronteau Scandi-E can be purchased with or without a flow limiter and is designed to fit into the base of the spout and only limit the supply of domestic hot and cold water.
  • Water optimisation: All Pronteau taps are supplied with the company’s premium water optimisation filter that offers supreme water filtration and scale control to give the best protection, and increased capacity. Offering a capacity of 1500L, end users can set the filter to match the hardness of water in their area and ensure peak performance and longevity.
  • Zero plastic: Designed with 4 IN 1 functionality, users can access filtered cold drinking water straight from the tap so they can ditch the plastic and support the environment by reducing single use plastic in the home!
  • Recyclable: All Abode filters are part of the company’s free of charge Filter Recycle Scheme. Simply send the expired filter back to Abode, gratis via Royal Mail, and enjoy a no cost and straight-forward solution for both the home and environment!

The new Pronteau Scandi-E 4 IN 1 Instant Hot Water Tap by Abode, is priced at £1249 including VAT, and is available in Matt White PT1043, Matt Black PT1044 and Scandi Grey PT1045. Each tap is supplied with a Pronteau PROBOIL.4E boiler (measuring H291mm x W206mm), and Abode’s premium PROBOIL4E filter cartridge. A single filter replacement is priced at £99 per cartridge.  

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