Starrett Explores VR in Construction and Development

Starrett Explores VR in Construction and Development

The Development of Virtual Reality technology has been taking place for a while now, and with the development in construction design, VR would be adapted to be used in this industry. VR is commonly associated with video games and experiences that offer the user a chance to walk with dinosaurs or a journey through space. Although amazing, these applications are novel and not necessarily helpful to the wider world.

Starrett has been exploring how VR can be used by the construction industry in order to help architects, engineers, builders and possibly future purchasers. VR has been used recently as a tool to allow prospective buyers to have a look round a simulated site of a new build development. However this application could also be expanded, with architects experiencing their designs in order to notice any potential flaws or challenges before they are encountered during the construction process.

The design of a building is no longer restricted to paper and blueprints. These are still helpful tools but with 3D CAD and the rise of Building Information Modelling offering more and more digital and detailed ways to design buildings and deliver a host of information about the requirements of a project before construction starts, the ability to see, or experience the designs will uncover more information and highlight any challenges in a level of detail that will only help to speed up the construction phase of a project.

IKEA, the furniture giant has already launched a more retail specific use for the project, adapting the technology in a way so many other companies have, for customer engagement. IKEA offers a service that allows customers to see their house designed with IKEA products before any purchases are made or work is carried out. This is an excellent way of ensuring that customers select the right design for their space.


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