Mobilane WallPlanter and LivePanel installed in Bracknell

Mobilane WallPlanter and LivePanel installed in Bracknell

Bracknell town centre has long had a post-war, dull, bland, grey landscape reputation. The town has seen very little large scale development take place since the 1950s. However, that has changed with an investment into the creation of a new shopping experience. Costing £240 million, the one million square foot retail park took three years to develop and was completed and officially opened on the 7th September 2017.

The reason that this new development is different from the bland boring building scape in the rest of the town? The shopping space has the biggest Mobilane WallPlanter in the UK. The building offers a unique and innovative focal point with the latest in shopping and leisure experiences for the town. The WallPlanter covers an 800m expanse and has created the appearance of a living tapestry on the car park and the walkways of the building. The wall offers beauty as well as function as it works to shield the bland car park facade while still offering unhindered levels of ventilation.

The facade has been created with stainless steel troughs that have been planted with Mobilane Green Screens, which is a 200 meter LivePanel wall that guides shoppers along a thoroughfare while also offering them a natural aspect in the built environment of the shopping centre. The living walls have been created as a part of a continuing green commitment around the town centre and along The Avenue, through the main thoroughfare in the shopping zone. This LivePanel feature is an amazing counterpart to the WallPlanter. The LivePanel Avenue runs alongside the new Marks and Spencer store, which first opened in July this year.

Mobilane’s two installed green systems are an elegant and modern green solutions and reflects a development in the region a rebirth of a town now focused on creating a sustainable, natural environment in Bracknell town centre. The completed development scheme has been carried out by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, who have celebrated the look of the finished work.


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