Burnley Bridge Project Has So far Been Successful

Burnley Bridge Project Has So far Been Successful

The Burnley Bridge project is one of the largest industrial park developments for over ten years. With the opportunity to create new jobs and for businesses to have access to tailor made premises, the Industrial Park development located close to the M65 has so far been successful.

In addition to the development work that is already going ahead at Burnley Bridge and Titanium Park, the property developer working on the project has announced a further site. Eshton the investment and property development company has announced a new 32 acre site that will be located south of the M65 carriageway. This new site has been valued at £45 million is expected to create up to 1,300 new jobs to the area.

Eshton stated when starting on the Burnley bridge development that the work being carried out was a reflection of the dedication they have to invest into the area. This new development announcement will bring more jobs and another 600,000 sq.ft. of constructed space to be sold and rented to businesses. As part of the initial Burnley Bridge Scheme, the units are tailored to the requirements of the client, with up to 135,000 sq.ft. of space available. This new site will offer six units on the 600,000 sq.ft site, however the site  also offers a unique building footprint which measures over 500,000 sq ft that could also be accommodated.

The Burnley Bridge Industrial Park is located at Junction 9 of the M65, with good access to the wider road network and the space to offer good opportunities to businesses, it is thought that this development will be a success. The propose Burnley South site will be located near to the A679 Accrington Road, also close to the M65 and with good access to the road network, which is bound to be a selling point.


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