Aberdeen City Council Plans to Deliver More Houses

Aberdeen City Council Plans to Deliver More Houses

Following this week’s annual budget meeting, Aberdeen City Council will develop its plans for the delivery of 2,000 new council homes. Elected members have instructed the director of resources to report back to the city growth and resources committee with self-financing business plans, in conjunction with private developers, working within an affordable capital investment sum of £250 million.

Additionally, the council will expand its work within the private sector in the provision of affordable housing and will prepare a report detailing land holdings that could be made available. These commitments were made when the 2018/2019 Housing Revenue Account budget was set. The budget includes a 2.6% rise in council rents to support continued investment in housing stock.

“The capital programme in the 2018/19 HRA budget is significant. We are committed to a £42m spend, highlighting the importance we place on housing in the city. It remains a key priority and the budget demonstrates that,” said Councillor Jenny Laing, co-leader of Aberdeen City Council. “Investment in existing council homes is vital to maintain and improve the standard of living of our tenants, as is the investment in new council homes both in terms of the multi-million pound plans we are committed to and the plans for 2,000 additional homes we are now developing.”

During the 2018/2019 period, thousands of council houses will see improvements, with more than 1,300 properties being rewired and 705 households seeing new heating systems installed. More than 370 properties will be upgraded with new doors whilst almost 300 households in multi-storey blocks will benefit from new door entry systems.

Moreover, the list of capital projects includes kitchen and bathroom replacements, loft insulation, investment in roof and structural upgrades, wall insulation, communal fire alarms, CCTV, lift replacements, energy efficiency schemes, and water tank replacements.

“It is very easy to look at our housing budget in terms of pounds and pence – the reality is very different. The budget we have set is about people, individuals and families who rely upon Aberdeen City Council to deliver on their behalf. We are committed to continuing to deliver,” concluded Jenny.


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