The 2017 Serpentine Pavillion in Kensington Gardens Extends Stay

The 2017 Serpentine Pavillion in Kensington Gardens Extends Stay

The 2017 Pavilion is the latest creation of an annual design and construction project. For the fifth year in a row, AECOM and David Glover worked to deliver the engineering services and lighting design for the Pavilion. Due to the popularity of the structure is has been announced recently that the Serpentine Pavilion will be kept open for another six weeks. This means that the Pavilion will now close on the 19th November.

The Pavilion has been constructed in Kensington Gardens and was designed by an award winning architect. AECOM and David Glover worked to deliver a range of technical advisory services for the architect and contractor of this project, including the structural, civil, fire and electrical engineering and the lighting design.

Award winning architect, Diébédo Francis Kéré designed the Serpentine Pavilion and delivered light and life through his design to the Pavilion at Kensington Gardens. Diébédo is from Gando in Burkina Faso and wanted to create a Pavilion that reflected a community space as well as a connection between people and the environment. The Serpentine Pavilion has an exposed canopy, which featured AECOM’s structural engineering skills.

It was also important for the architect that the Pavilion is lit at night, becoming a beacon of light in the park. AECOM worked with Kéré and the contractor for the project, Stage One to design a lighting system that has the correct mood and ambience with a range of point of view and an inviting glow. During the Daylight streams into the Pavilion, and at night this process is reversed, creating an inviting space for members of the public to enjoy. This light feature will be visible for longer as the days grow shorter towards November.

The 2017 Pavilion has only steel, timber, concrete and polycarbonate in its structure which was engineered down to a minimum to create a deceptively complex structure that looks incredibly simple.


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