Leading Norwegian timber technology takes continental residence at the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels

Kebony wood decking completes sustainable transformation at the Norwegian Embassy

A renovated roof terrace on the 10th floor of Norway House, located in Brussels’s European Quarter and overlooking Rue Archimède and Le Berlaymont, the home of the European Commission, has undergone a sustainable-inspired metamorphosis utilising Kebony Clear wood decking.

Carried out by property manager Epimmo on behalf of Statsbygg, the Norwegian government organization responsible for construction projects, the project atop the Embassy building illustrates a commitment to combining sustainability and beautiful design with modern construction techniques, in addition to reinforcing the Embassy’s links with Norway’s proud national heritage of healthy, wooden architecture.

Epimmo and Statsbygg selected Kebony Clear, a market-leading, customisable timber decking product developed in Norway, for a functional, sustainable, and visually appealing finish to the roof terrace. A Norwegian technology company and a pioneer across the global construction industry for over 25 years, Kebony launched its second wood production facility in Flanders, Belgium, in 2018, furthering the application of its eco-friendly building products across the European market.

The patent-protected Kebony technology transforms sustainable, FSC-certified softwoods, such as pine, into products with the aesthetic and mechanical characteristics to tropical hardwoods. The wood is infused with a bio-based liquid, activating a reaction in the wood cell walls to become 50% thicker, increasing the dimensional stability, durability, and hardness of the wood. This diverts the need for deforestation of the planet’s vital rainforest sinks, helping to reduce CO₂ emissions.  

The resulting, dually modified™ Kebony wood has a significantly reduced water sensitivity, requires no maintenance, and does not splinter which making it the ideal material for the new decking at Norway House, where the terrace will face 24/7 exposure to weathering conditions.


In addition to its sustainable credentials, durable qualities, and geographical connections, Kebony Clear decking was also chosen for its significant lightness compared to tropical hardwoods, putting less stress and adding longevity to the roof structure. The aesthetic character of the wood also played a key role upon installation, offering a warm, welcoming appearance, that over time will acquire a natural silver-grey patina reminiscent of a Scandanavian pinewood.

Philippe Elewaut of Epimmo, Manager for the Norway House project, commented: “The choice of Kebony wood was a logical one, given our emphasis on durability and quality. The new Norwegian Embassy terrace is a magnificent representation of Norwegian craft and innovation. The embassy’s positive reaction confirms our choice for this high-quality, sustainable product.”

Nina Landbø, International Sales Manager for Kebony, comments: “It is fantastic to see Kebony used in a sustainable renovation project that represents a meeting between our Norwegian origins and Belgium, the home to our second European factory, which has allowed for the growth of Kebony’s innovative, eco-friendly technology to even further audiences across Europe and the world.”

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