Abandoned Home Unveils Vintage Car Collection, Including a Cadillac and Packard, Left by Hasty Owner

In a remarkable discovery, an urban explorer stumbled upon an abandoned house that seems to have been vacated in haste, leaving behind valuable items including a potentially valuable grand piano and a collection of vintage cars.

Leland Kent, an enthusiast of urban exploration since 2016, recently uncovered this hidden gem, adding it to his online showcase of historic and forgotten sites. His latest find includes an array of five classic vehicles.

Kent, hailing from Florida, USA, located the house through meticulous research and learned it was once owned by a collector of antique cars.

Nestled deep in Georgia’s rural woodlands, the property, according to Kent, dates back to the early 20th century, though its architecture hints at an even older origin. The house’s design features attached rooms rather than a central hallway.

A 2008 calendar found in the kitchen hints at the last known occupation of the home.

A photograph of the property’s exterior shows the weathered front door, with ivy encroaching upon the porch.

Inside, the living room remains furnished, complete with paintings, as if awaiting the owner’s return. However, the ceiling paint is visibly deteriorating, and rubble litters the floor.

In another room, amidst debris and fallen ceiling fragments, stands a pristine Frederick Mathushek piano, a brand known to fetch high prices. For instance, a similar piano was listed on eBay for $65,000 (USD).

The bedrooms also appear untouched. One features a four-poster bed and a dresser, while the other contains a single bed and a sofa.

The bathroom, still housing an old towel and hand wash, is also marred by ceiling debris.

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The real treasure was found outside: a collection of five vintage cars in a small, detached garage, including a Packard, a Cadillac sedan, and several old Buicks. Photos show these vehicles, such as a brown Buick, covered in debris and dust from the decaying garage roof.

One image captures a dusty Packard and Cadillac, which would be in mint condition if not for the accumulated dirt and debris. Another Buick is seen with similar conditions.

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