Island Paradise with Unique Cottage and Lighthouse Hits Market for Less Than London Home

A captivating island, complete with its own charming cottage and lighthouse, has recently graced the market, and it could be yours for a mere £312,000 ($400,000), significantly less than the average London home.

In London, the average property price stood at £525,629 according to data released by in May this year. For those seeking more value for their investment, perhaps it’s time to set your sights across the pond.

Nestled in Canton, Ohio, awaits the opportunity to acquire an entire island for a fraction of the London property cost.

While the stunning island presents breathtaking 360-degree views, the cottage’s accommodations offer a cozier experience. Measuring just 20ft x 24ft, the property comprises one large room that seamlessly serves as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.

Inside the quaint abode, you’ll find a double bed alongside a triple bunk bed, comfortably accommodating up to five occupants, albeit in close quarters.

The compact kitchen comes fully equipped with a gas cooker, microwave, and refrigerator. However, intriguingly, the sink lacks a faucet.

As for bathroom facilities, a compost toilet serves as the eco-friendly alternative.

A vibrant red dining table for six adds a touch of charm, making it perfect for hosting lakeside fishing parties.

Additionally, the island boasts a magnificent 18ft lighthouse, offering seating for four at its pinnacle.

The shore lot enchants with its fine sandy beach, inviting swimming area, and convenient boat dock for tie-up.

For those seeking adventure, the property permits parking a registered RV or Camper for up to three months at a time.

The unique listing has garnered much attention, amassing over 5,600 likes from online users.

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Ashton Cartwright playfully remarked, “New favourite house. No door knockers ever again!”

Ashley Feulner cheekily noted, “No one will be stopping by unannounced…. purrrrfect.”

Soni Leavell praised the beauty of the place, stating, “Absolutely beautiful! A great place to get away from it all!”

Nonetheless, some prospective buyers have raised questions about the distinctive facilities.

Brett Schaffer humorously referenced Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, jesting, “Per Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, this has room to sleep 20!”

Rory Calhourn Jr. charmingly observed, “I thought this was an adorable bedroom until I realised it was the living room. Trés tradicionale.”

Tammy Gibson highlighted the island’s bring-your-own-everything appeal, stating, “This looks like a bring your own everything situation. That water comes in by boat. No plumbing.”

Barbara Mancuso expressed her reservations about the lack of running water, humorously concluding, “No faucet = no running water = no thank you.”

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a secluded island retreat with a quirky cottage and a view-topping lighthouse, this unique property awaits your consideration. Meservier & Associates has listed this island paradise for $400,000, offering an opportunity like no other.