Embark on a Night of Enchantment within Your Private FAIRYTALE REALM – Slumber Amidst a Trojan Horse, Enchanted Forest, or Interstellar Craft

Step into the realm of fantasy and immerse yourself in the allure of some of the world’s most enchanting hotels, where your choices include a mobile Trojan horse, a celestial voyage among the constellations, or a rustic wooden sailboat.

Nestled within the cobblestone lanes of a 17th-century town, this extraordinary establishment presents a dozen distinct chambers, each offering an immersive narrative – whether you yearn to be a daring buccaneer, a regal princess, or an intrepid astronaut.

The Monk’s Despair chamber entices with its resplendent stained glass windows, period-appropriate furnishings evoking the medieval era, and a dining table reminiscent of a drawbridge.

For those seeking otherworldly insights, the Latcho-Drom caravan promises clairvoyant experiences. Within, a plush double bed is concealed behind curtains that evoke the cosmos, and an opulent blood-red bathtub awaits.

Venture through the annals of time and partake in the world of ancient Greece within a two-story Trojan horse mounted on wheels. Complete with a functional drawbridge-style entrance, a wooden bathtub that beckons for luxurious indulgence, and a hearty breakfast spread, this offering immerses you in history.

Each of the authentically designed rooms features a plush double bed, a convenient kitchenette, well-appointed bathing facilities, and entertainment courtesy of a television.

For a dining experience that is as enchanting as the surroundings, guests can relish The Gargoyle – the bio-organic restaurant conveniently situated on the premises.

With rates starting at a mere £110 per night, this wondrous destination is renowned as La Balade des Gnomes, which translates to the ‘Stroll of the Gnomes.’ It resides serenely in Luxembourg, Belgium, inviting you to a realm of wonder and whimsy.

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