Warning! Do not pour Baileys down sink – experts warn of the simple mistakes which can lead to disaster this Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and with it the unique opportunity to come together as family or friends in one home to enjoy the festive period.

Wonderful though this may be, having a large number of people in one property that isn’t designed for it can wreak havoc on your home. From blocked toilets to overloaded sockets, there’s a list of simple mistakes people can make that could cause expensive problems on Christmas Day.

MyBuilder.com, the reliable way for homeowners to hire tradespeople, has listed some of the most common mistakes we can make over Yuletide that could lead to a home disaster.

Andy Simms, trade expert from MyBuilder.com, said that many homes aren’t equipped to deal with more people using its facilities than it was designed for.

“More people means more pressure on our homes. On top of that, excessive eating, drinking, and celebrating can lead to some unexpected issues.

“From the infamous “yule log clog” to endless rounds of showering, our homes can really suffer.

“And should you have any emergency issues over the festive period, you might find it harder to find a tradesperson that’s available, and so may have less optioms when it comes to pricing.”

Here are MyBuilder.com‘s tips to avoid any household disasters this holiday season.

Drink it, don’t sink it – Baileys

Cream liqueur drinks, such as the popular Christmas favourite, Baileys, can be a problem for your plumbing at Christmas. While it may be delicious to drink, it doesn’t keep for long, and often ends up down the sink. 

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However, this sort of beverage should never be disposed of in this way. Cream liqueurs have a large fat content, and as such falls into the category of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases). FOG should never go down the sink, as it sticks to pipes and can cause blockages. It’s also what’s responsible for “fatbergs” in our sewers. 

Yule log clog – check your toilets

Extra people using your facilities this Christmas can cause unpleasant blockages.

To avoid this disgusting drama over the holidays, make sure your toilet is working properly before guests arrive. Once they have, make sure there is a bin they can use to dispose of any items that could block the toilet, such as feminine hygiene products. 

Buzz off

Extra people, often with new gifts that may require charging, can lead to a fight over electricity sockets. From new mobile phones or games consoles, to hair straighteners and cooking tools, Christmas can see your electricity bills spike,especially when you already have the strain of Christmas lights.

Be careful not to overload your sockets with block adaptors, which can lead to fires if they don’t have fuses – which many don’t. Where possible, use a multi-way bar extension lead, which puts less strain on your wall sockets.

Leftover Turkey Fat

As with Baileys, turkey fat is classed as FOG. Half the population admit to pouring FOG down the drain, but don’t be one of them. The problem with pouring leftover fat down the drain is it will cool, which can lead to blockages and fatbergs in your pipes.

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Calling out a plumber on Christmas Day is not easy – both in terms of availability and on the wallet. Emergency callouts can be four times as expensive as a regular one – and even more at Christmas. 

Flushed away

Many people get glammed up for Christmas – but extra people making extra effort can lead to big issues if they don’t dispose of their rubbish correctly. 

Makeup remover pads, cotton balls, and wet wipes should never be flushed down the toilet, yet they often are, In 2017, an investigation into sewer blockages found that wet wipes accounted for a massive 93 per cent of blockages. Ensure your guests know to throw these items in the bin – and ensure you have provided one!

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