Warning ahead of Fly Tipping Friday

Bed shoppers have been warned against dumping their unwanted old mattresses ahead of this year’s Fly Tipping Friday (JAN 5).

Winstons Beds have issued the warning in advance of Friday January 5th which they say could be one of the UK’s busiest days for fly tipping.

The first Friday of the New Year often sees high levels of fly tipping as people try to clear rubbish which has piled up over the Christmas break.

The bed experts at Winstons say unwanted mattresses are among items which are regularly dumped illegally.

But they warn that the items can take years to break down and can cause untold damage to the environment and to wildlife.

They are urging their customers not to contribute to Fly Tipping Friday and not to discard their old mattresses irresponsibly at any time of the year.

Instead they have issued tips to the public on how they can dispose of their unwanted mattresses in a responsible way.

A spokesman said: “Sadly Fly tipping Friday will see high levels of fly tipping across the UK as people choose to get rid of unwanted items which have gathered during the Christmas and New Year period.

“It is a time of year which sees rubbish pile up for many households as families have to deal with unwanted Christmas packaging along with an often sporadic and interrupted refuge collection service.

“For some it can be tempting just to fill up the boot and dump everything in a quiet spot but this is never ever acceptable.

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“Mattresses can be one of the items which get dumped at this time of year as many people treat themselves to a new bed in December. Yet they can be one of the most difficult items to dispose of responsibly.

“We are urging all our customers to dispose of their unwanted mattress in a responsible and carefully considered manner.”

Here are Winstons Beds tips for disposing of a mattress responsibly:

  1. Look for a mattress recycling programme

Some local areas will have mattress recycling programmes where they collect your mattress and break down and recycle the different components such as the springs and fabric.

  1. Donate

If your mattress is still in good condition then consider donating it to local charities or shelters. There are even specific charities set up that accept used mattresses.

  1. Resell it

Consider selling your mattress on an online marketplace. Look at the prices of similar mattresses, upload some images and write an accurate and truthful description to give it the best chance of being sold.

  1. Local furniture banks

Local furniture banks will happily take a mattress that’s still in good condition. Call them up to see what sizes they’ll take beforehand.

  1. Contact your local council

If you’re looking for a complete hassle free way to dispose of the mattress then your local council is your best bet. Call up and see if they offer a free collection service as some often have a fee.

For more information please visit WinstonsBeds.com

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