Genius coffee trick to get rid of bad bathroom smells

Brits have been told how to use coffee grounds and other household items to get rid of nasty odours in the bathroom.

Bathroom experts at have shared seven inexpensive hacks to help eliminate nasty smells from the home.

Many of the tricks involve using common household items such as coffee grounds and baking soda.

These items contain properties that are able to neutralise and absorb odours, keeping the home smelling fresh.

Other tricks include adding essential oils into the centre of the toilet roll to release a pleasant smell and hanging eucalyptus in the shower.

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at said: “There are quite a few quick and easy hacks people can use to keep their bathrooms and home smelling fresh and free from odours on a day to day basis.

“You should be cleaning the home at least once a week but odours and smells can form during this time.

“Some of the tricks that can be used to combat odours can be done with items that a lot of people should already have in their homes like coffee grounds and baking soda.

“These kinds of things are great at absorbing smells whilst other tricks like using cinnamon sticks override bad odours.

Hacks for getting rid of odours in the home:

  1. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen which is great at neutralising odours in the air. Place a few tablespoons into an open container and place it in a hidden area in your bathroom to keep odours at bay.

  1. Baking soda

This cleaning staple can be sprinkled at the bottom of bins and into drains and will absorb any odours. It’s great for the bathroom and kitchen.

  1. Add essential oils to toilet roll
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Add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil into the hole of the toilet roll. Each time someone goes to grab a new sheet of toilet roll the fresh scent will be released.

  1. Add houseplants

Certain house plants such as peace lilies and snake plants are great for purifying the air and absorbing odour. Not only will this help with unpleasant smells but it will also add some greenery into your home.

  1. Cinnamon sticks

Add cinnamon sticks to cupboards and drawers in the home and bathroom for a sweet and woody aroma. This scent is great at masking odours that occur.

  1. Hang Eucalyptus plants

Consider hanging eucalyptus plants in the shower or bathroom. The steam from the shower will release the oils from the eucalyptus into the air like a natural diffuser. Remember to swap the plant every two or three weeks to keep it fresh.

  1. Use activated charcoal

Placing a bowl of activated charcoal in the bathroom or kitchen can absorb odours and will work as a dehumidifier, bringing down the moisture levels in the room.

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