Everyone Active Announced That They Are Expecting to Save Around £76,000

Everyone Active Announced That They Are Expecting to Save Around £76,000

Everyone Active have announced that they are expecting to save around £76,000 because they have installed new energy-saving lighting upgrades. Leisure centre operators everywhere are looking for ways to cut their costs by reducing the amount of energy that they are using. Leisure centers generally rely on power intensive building facilities.

New technology is the way that leisure centre operators have been reducing their energy expenditure. In this case, Sports and Leisure Management has also been trying to optimise their energy usage. Sports and Leisure Management, or SLM, has managed to use developments in technology in order to improve around 145 different leisure and cultural facilities that they operate all over the UK.

Also undergoing upgrades are three council leisure sites that function under the leisure brand Everyone Active for SLM. The leisure operator used the lighting specialist Energys Group in order to help change this aspect of their energy management planning. Energys Group has a reputation for supporting and providing advice for businesses wanting to make the most of energy-related funding schemes that are available.

The new work plan is being carried after previous work to implement boiler controls and a valve wrap system was successful. Therefore the next step for SLM is to install cutting edge LED-based lighting in a way to cut their costs even more. A large number of companies dependant on artificial light such as leisure and community centres are upgrading to LED systems in order to cut operational costs and also being more energy efficient.

Energy’s Group assists businesses looking to upgrade their facilities through the use of their Pay from Savings scheme. SLM used this scheme in order to pay 30% of the upgrade fee on the completion of the work, then pay the remaining amount with the savings that they are making from the upgrades that have been installed.


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